Happy 2021, and welcome to my new website,
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The One and the Other, New CD Coming March 12, 2021 on NYC based label Outside in Music

Jazz, free improvisation, contemporary classical music and contemporary poetry are key elements fused into this new art song project that began as an experiment to see how far I could push the inherent tension between music and text.

YOU CAN LISTEN AND PRE-ORDER The One and the Other here

March 12, 2021 brings to fruition a process that’s undergone numerous stages of incubation for the past few years.  

This song cycle is a process driven exploration into what I perceive as the inherent tension between music and text, where ‘one’ takes the lead with the ‘other ‘allocated to a subordinate role. Sometimes they are engaged in a courtship dance, other times they’re awkwardly at odds with one another. This tension is used to create narrative, drama and even composition techniques. At times the focus is on poetic imagery, with music ‘word painting’, as the term is defined traditionally in classical music; other times the focus is on musical elements, with text falling impressionistically into the background; at yet other times a guided free improvisation section may take-off as a kind of ‘illustration’ from a line of poetry. In “The One and the Other” three-part suite that names the entire project, poetry and music each take turns episodically and interchangeably taking the lead throughout the songs. 

 Says A.F Moritz: multi-award winning American-Canadian poet, and Poet Laureate of the City of Toronto 2019-2022:

“Lara Solnicki’s great vocal range is matched by an equal emotional range, from intimacy to mystery, from sorrow to rage, exultancy to regret. A poet of the most advanced kind, Solnicki is a master in her own modern and post-modern poetic mode, which makes powerful use of the techniques of discontinuity, surprising imagery and juxtaposition of images, and sudden unexpected leaps of thought and mood. The originality and enigma of the language, within an overall clarity, is involving, and expresses itself first emotionally. She finds a way to give language all the suggestiveness of music, the way that gracing the notes can give the piano a sense of the tonal continuity of horns and reeds and the voice.”

“Each song is a miniature movie,” says album producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Jonathan Goldsmith, who also happens to be one of Canada’s most celebrated film composers. A Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio/3D Music version of the album will also be available. 

The poets Charles Baudelaire, René Char, Sylvia Plath, Octavio Paz, along with composers Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, J.S Bach and free jazz are the album’s major influences. 

The One and the Other personnel: Lara Solnicki (music, texts, vocals), Jonathan Goldsmith (producer, keyboards, electronics, electric bass, electric guitar), Peter Lutek (alto saxophone, electro-acoustic clarinet and bassoon), Hugh Marsh(electric violin), Rob Piltch (electric and acoustic guitars), Scott Peterson (electric and acoustic bass), Rich Brown (electric bass) and Davide Di Renzo (drums). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff WolpertDesert Fish Studio, Toronto, Canada.

Please stay tuned for more developments. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021 year!


Happy 2019 everyone!

There is a lot on the horizon! This is taking much of my focus, currently…

California Tour with Jeremy Siskind: March 8-16

March 8 – Red Poppy Art House (San Francisco, CA)

March 9 – The California Jazz Conservatory (Berkeley, CA)
Making the Leap from Classical to Jazz Singing Master Class

March 11 – Saddleback College (Mission Viejo, CA)
Performance and Master Class

March 14 – The Blue Guitar (South Pasadena, CA)
with Jeremy Siskind, piano and Henry Beal, bass

March 15 – Open House Concert (San Diego, CA)
For location, details and reservations please contact Deborah Wolfe at

March 16 – Open House Concert (San Diego, CA)
For location, details and reservations please contact Michael Oyster at

This March marks my first tour of California, a period that, in this part of the world… could possibly be perceived as early spring! (Growing up in Canada, this is admittedly hard to grasp.) I’m excited to make music with, for, and to teach an entirely new cast of characters in such a spectacularly beautiful location…

I’ll be joined by the intensely musical, poetry savvy southern California based pianist and composer Jeremy Siskind!

We’ll be premiering new material from my sparkly mastered as- yet- unreleased third CD, “The One and the Other”, along with songs from my sophomore album “Whose Shadow?” (2014, Inner Circle Music) plus some interesting interpretations of standards and non standards.

The Bay Area

March 8‒ Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco

Our tour begins with a duo performance at San Francisco’s Red Poppy Art House. Seating is limited in this very cool listening room! Please visit redpoppyarthouse.org for advanced ticket sales and other details

March 9, Master Class‒The California Jazz Conservatory, Berkeley

I’ll be giving a vocal master class at The California Jazz Conservatory that is open for public registration, on a dense subject that I have obviously spent a considerable amount of time pondering and negotiating: Making the Leap From Classical to Jazz Singing is geared primarily for the experienced classically trained vocalist who has made the bold decision to cross over to the dark side. This class will offer a lot of technical information about technique, along with exercises for phrasing, swing and improvisation and finally ways to learn to hear yourself objectively in order to self- regulate your practice regime. For more information and registration please visit:

March 11‒ Performance and Master Class, Saddleback College, Mission Viejo

Jeremy and I then drive down the coast to Mission Viejo South of Los Angeles, for a performance and master class for students in the voice program at Saddleback College. The concert at The McKinney Theatre is open to the public. For tickets and details, please visit https://www.saddleback.edu/news/arts/Lara-Solnicki-Jazz-Vocalist.

March 14‒ The Blue Guitar Room, Arroyo Seco Golf Course, South Pasadena

Next, we will be joined by excellent Los Angeles bassist Henry Beal for a trio jazz show at The Blue Guitar Room. Please visit The Blue Guitar Room for all information.

March 15 and March 16‒ Two House Concerts in San Diego

Our tour ends with two House Concert in San Diego that are open to the public.

You are invited to catch us up close and personal. For the secret addresses, to reserve seating and all other pertinent details, please email

For March 15‒Deborah Wolfe at dwolfe@wolfelegalgroup.com

For March 16‒Michael Oyster at


I hope to see you at one of the above events!


US Mini Tour!

I have just returned from performances in New York City, at The Cornelia Street Cafe (Feb. 6) and The Cell (Feb. 10), at Grasso’s (Feb. 9) in Cold Spring Harbor, NY and at the historic Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. A time of beautiful music and much laughter! It was exciting to debut some new originals featured in “The One and the Other” and see how the audiences responded. A great success all round.

Thank you Hot House, New York’s premier jazz guide, for this lovely blurb in the Spotlight section, February 2018:

“Lara Solnicki’s range alone has been captivating listeners since she began her career—but it’s her vulnerability and intimate connection to the lyric that resonates beyond the limits of her upper and lower registers. Each spontaneous interpretation of standard and original repertoire teems with individualism and vocal mastery”.

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